Godlike naruto banished by minato fanfiction

Godlike naruto banished by minato fanfiction

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godlike naruto banished by minato fanfiction

Naruto trudged along the path back to Konaha, dragging a wounded and unconscious Sasuke behind him. You just had to ram a Chidori through my chest. After the long and tiring walk he arrived to see that Kakashi was about to leave to come after him, and that Sakura was still at the gates waiting. Upon their arrival Tsunade, who had just finished treating Choji, was checking on Naruto, going over his injuries after he had finally passed out from exhaustion.

A large round hole, likely caused by a Chidori. Chakra burns along his entire body. Severe chakra exhaustion His wounds aren't too severe though he did take a beating from Naruto. And at the moment only Hiashi Hyuga of the Shinobi council.

Tsunade walked into the council chambers to see that just as the ANBU agent had reported, only Hiashi was there from the shinobi council. Since when was it the councils job to cross examine every single mission that Konaha shinobi take?

There were most likely better means from which Naruto Uzumaki could have handled the rescue. I therefore call for a vote, to execute Naruto Uzumaki for his viscous attack on Sasuke Uchiha, and for failing to complete such a mission to satisfactory requirements.

Therefore Naruto shall not be executed. However due to the charges against him, he cannot be allowed to remain here. I thereby banish Naruto Uzumaki from Konahagakure. The law states that when the Hokage has a close attachment to the person in question, said person can be banished if the elders and one half of the council agree, which the elders and all of the civilian council do.

Therefore I will have him banished instead where he may meet his end as he sees fit. Once all of the civilians and elders had left Tsunade confronted Hiashi. Naruto is a force of chaos, just as his father was.

godlike naruto banished by minato fanfiction

I cannot allow him to be near Hinata. He will lead her down a path that will only make her miserable. That is why I agreed to this. I have nothing against him personally, but for the good of my family I will have him banished. Walking back to her office she quickly removed the painting of Minato Namikaze, the Yodaime Hokage painted perfectly with his smiling care free face, revealing the safe behind it.Team 8 and team 10 are the same as the anime.

As you can see there are some OCs and Kushina and Minato survived the Nine-tails attack and had three kids after Naruto. These kids are the twins Eji and Mito that are 5 years younger than Naruto and Mina who is 10 Years younger than Naruto.

Kurama was sealed inside Naruto when he was 5 and the whisker marks he has, are evidence of it. The story of how he got Kurama inside him is a bit different and will be explained as the story will go on.

Naruto will hate this village and you will find out when the time is right. I am going to re-upload this first chapter that has changes being made to few things that were recommended by readers. I have changed the reason why Naruto was banished. I am trying my best to make this story unique but I need people to trust me and read on as I finish and upload chapters.

The reason why Naruto has siblings is because I believe this will be a much more interesting and fun to do so. Eji is a younger version of Minato and has a calm, quick thinking and relaxed personality. To imagine Eji just think of a younger Minato. Mito is a younger version of Kushina and has a brash, strong headed and stubborn. To imagine Mito just think of a younger Kushina. Mina is a younger version of Kushina and has violet eyes just like Naruto but her personality is like Minato. I want to make this a bit of NarutoxMikoto as I think that these are very rare to find but I may do a separate route using this chapter as my foundation.

I also want to make this an only KurenaixNaruto fanfction but I want to know what the Readers want so I am going to wait one week after this is uploaded and then make a final option are:.

He stood there after 5 years. Now the boy, no man was back. Back home. Home that he forced out of his heart after all he went through because of this home.

A certain individual was standing on a tree wearing a hooded outfit.Hiashi sighed.

godlike naruto banished by minato fanfiction

Neji stared at his uncle blankly. Then he shook his head. Naruto got banished. Who fought Gaara. Who beat Gaara. She couldn't beat Sasuke because Sasuke was her friend.

Why weren't we banished as well? Unless it has to do with the creature inside her. Neji looked at his uncle like he was stupid. Looking at his two daughter, he saw the exact same expressions mirroring their faces.

Unlike with Kakashi-sensei, her chakra isn't red as a whole," Neji said matter-of-factly. Himawari had been a friend, not particularly close, but still a friend, of Kushina.

And Hizashi would be angered at their choice - Hizashi had had a crush on Kushina. Kiba saw Naruto pass him, a mask in hand. People were yelling at him, but drifted away only to glare at Naruto as she passed. The young girl had always been a rival of Kiba's, but Kiba suddenly realized with a start that the glares and hate and taunts were normal for her. For a girl who'd done nothing wrong.

godlike naruto banished by minato fanfiction

He heard angry questions being directed at him - Why didn't you bring back the Uchiha boy? He stepped into his family's compound and entered his home. Usually, he'd be hungry, but he wasn't today. No, the thought of food made him feel sick. She told him a quick story about how a child had a dangerous demon sealed in her, and how nobody could talk about it thanks to a law, and the child was thought to be the demon.

Kiba was smarter than everyone thought, so he was struck mute for a few minutes after Tsume's words.


How could they punish the girl because of something she couldn't control?! How can they hurt a kid and laugh about it?! Did you ever think for a minute that if she was a demon she'd have put up with this damn village? Kamis above, I'm beginning to wonder why it's still standing if that's the kind of crap that you think even a demon would be okay with!

Why the hell did you think that Uzumaki Naruto was a demon?! She's a human being! Kiba stood up, his chair falling to the ground with a crash. He stormed into his room angrily and slammed the door. Nara Yoshino looked at her sullen son for about two minutes at the dinner table before she thwacked him on the head. If anything, we should have been blamed, clan or not. Nara Shikaku sent his wife a knowing look.

His son knew what he was going to do, he just hadn't figured it out that he already knew. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Miracles happen as well as heartbreak as Naruto goes to call back the Uzumaki and change the world, and a survivor of the Uchiha Massacre appears.

What will happen to Naruto? Sequel is up: The Returned.Upon closer inspection, it was a male. He was wearing a dark gold haori with the kanji of ' Kishou no Kami ' and a picture of two angels at the side of the kanji with the one on the left has crimson red hair and her eyes a beautiful shade of red almost like a fusion between ruby and blood and is wearing a red one piece dress with a white camellia flower at the side of the dress and the one on the right has azure blue hair and is also wearing a one piece dress like her counterpart but is blue with the same white camellia flower at the side of the dress.

A kimono top shirt that was blue with the pictures of clouds on it and it was parted showing off his bare chest which shows that is wasn't overly muscular or without muscles but it was lean.

He was wearing a dark shinobi that was a bit larger at the end with red stripes running down the side of it and a gold spiral could be seen at the end of pants with the stripes just above the spiral. He was wearing a boots with metal plating at the toes and it was black with red waves at the side of it and a circle with a hexagonal shape in it that was gold as well.

He was wearing a necklace with a sapphire gem with the kanji for ' Ten 'in the middle with two angel wings at the side along the curve. His face has gotten rid of all the baby fat thus giving a more mature look. He has three scars on each of his cheek that seems to be like whiskers marks, his eyes which is sapphire ocean blue is the most unique of his features, those round blue eyes that you can stare into and get lost in is like staring into an ocean abyss that which you stare into, it will stare back at you.

At the time of his exile he was still a genin at age 16 and reason of exile is at the time when pein or pain of Akatsuki attack and witnessing pein stab Hinata and hearing her confessing her love for him, he snap and lost control over Kyuubi's Chakra and thus entering a six-tailed state and as time went on, the number of tails release increase and almost release all nine tails of it if an apparition of the Yondaime Hokage hadn't appeared within the mindscape of the seal and stop naruto from removing the seal.

Even after the entire situation had ended and saving the village from completely destroyed, the 'esteemed council' of Konoha still think he was threat even after saving the village despite losing control over Kyuubi's Chakra and with Danzo as Rokudaime Hokage and as his first order of business was to banish and exile one Uzumaki Naruto. Of course a lot shinobi protests against this especially the Rookie 8 but that was shot down by Danzo by threatening them with death.

The civilians at first also protested against this action but after Danzo told what happened meaning the use of Kyuubi's Chakra, they stop protesting and started encouraging the idea of banishing him and exiling and with shouts of 'Banish the demon' and some even yell out 'Kill the demon'.

So with the majority of the village backing Danzo up, there was nothing the shinobi's could do other than watching leave the gates sadly. All of his friends and the shinobi's beg of him not to leave but he did not stop and just kept on walking out the village's gate. That day his dreams of being Hokage died and a new goal was born, be the strongest he could be out in the world and make a name for himself and make Konoha regret ever banishing and exiling him.

Before he left, he turn around to the people seeing him off and shouted out to them, "Don't worry about me, keep training to become stronger and try to change Konoha in my place", giving a foxy grin he was so famous for he left Konoha and never to be seen again or heard again for many years but little did they know that the rumors flying about the Elemental Nations that a shinobi with the skills and powers to be able to match a Kage on equal without breaking a sweat and a new hidden village that was thought to be destroyed and in ruins and rubbles was back and has rise in power and with their shinobi better than any of the other hidden villages and their Kage which is a mystery to everybody because no one knows about his or her skills and powers but there was a rumor that the Kage of the new hidden village was said to be able to destroy mountains with one jutsu and villages was the same person they're looking for.

Naruto was enjoying his walk and appreciating the scenery around him his eyes darting left and right, taking everything in and enjoying it but then he remembered where he was supposed to be and what he was supposed to be doing when he the location but he just take his time and continuing walking the road leisurely but then he thought' I have a bad feeling that something is going to ruin this moment of peace I',m going to have in a few moments '.

And he was right because just after ending that thought, a puff of smoke appeared in front of him and thought ' just my luck, why do I have to jinx myself '. When the smoke cleared it revealed a small red phoenix that was just glowing a burning red hue around itself.

Naruto after hearing all that his face began to pale thinking ' oh shit, knowing kikyo-chan whatever she said she always meant it. I better go now to save myself from the punishment '. The now identified phoenix called runa-chan nodded its head before disappearing with a burst of fire.

Naruto just sigh from the bad luck he got but knew that it will be sooner or later if something like that were to happened so he use one of his jutsu's to get there, Jikuukan Ninjutsu: Rasenkuu. Okay this is my first chapter of The Insignia of God hopefully you all enjoy it. Pls review it and give me some ideas. Oh by the way this is my first time writing so don't sue me!!!! I put the shinigami in my story as a female it will be more interesting this way.

I will also show how naruto get to know shinigami and more. A technique that allows the user to bend the space and time to travel through the void to reach his or her destination.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. After 8years of banishment naruto is back. The formerly destroyed whirlpool country is back as well and who is their kage? Minato and Kushina is back along children. How will naruto react when he meets them. On a road seemingly leading to somewhere, there was a figure walking down the path. Now back to the story Naruto was enjoying his walk and appreciating the scenery around him his eyes darting left and right, taking everything in and enjoying it but then he remembered where he was supposed to be and what he was supposed to be doing when he the location but he just take his time and continuing walking the road leisurely but then he thought' I have a bad feeling that something is going to ruin this moment of peace I',m going to have in a few moments '.

Uzumaki Kikyo is an OC I just made it up. By the way this fanfiction is about a god-like naruto. Technique Jikuukan Ninjutsu: Rasenkuu — Space-Time Technique: Spiraling Void — Rank C A technique that allows the user to bend the space and time to travel through the void to reach his or her destination.Once, Naruto had dreamt of several things to have, as an orphan. Before he dreamt of being a Hokage, he wanted something that he had longed for throughout the entirety of his life.

And that was to have a family, to be loved and cared, to have parents that support and protect you throughout your childhood and guide you to adulthood.

Every orphan dreams of it, and Naruto was no different, longing for having a family, parents and be loved and cared. Yet, Naruto was devoid of it all, never to feel it. And it wasn't his choice, not by any means, since this was the decision made by the very woman that stood right in front of him, the woman that had given him birth and was supposed to have nurtured and protected him in this world.

And all of that, all the torment, suffering, loneliness and more… It all started with Kushina Uzumaki abandoning her firstborn son and never looking back. It would surprise many, but Naruto had long known about his mother and twin brother, for over 7 years to be precise. Finding out that Naruto was not only the son of Minato Namikaze, but also of Kushina Uzumaki and that she purposefully abandoned him was not just hard, it was an absolute nightmare for Naruto, especially considering the reason as to why Kushina had done so.

And that reason had made Naruto truly hateful and resentful of any notion that such woman had given birth to him and his father, Minato Namikaze, Fourth Hokage and one of the greatest Shinobi in history, had ever fallen in love with her. But, to Kushina, a Sealing Mistress of Uzumaki herself, her firstborn son was lost and she simply threw him away from herself, leaving the Konoha for Fire Capitol to train and raise her 'only true' son, Menma.

Please, Naruto-kun, calm down! That split second was more than enough for the newcomer to appear right in front of Naruto and push him away from the cage, as he was about to rip away the seal. Naruto stumbled and fell down in to the water, anger and rage leaving his eyes and mind in an instant, as shock and surprise came over. He looked upwards, to see a young blond man, with sky blue eyes and spiky hair, dressed in a white haori and Jonin uniform, standing over him, extending his hand.

I know what they have done. And, while as a Hokage, I may try and understand that what had happened to you was necessary, but as your father, a loyal Shinobi of Konoha and a human being, I do not see any excuses to what they had done to you. And all because of the choice I had to make, my son. And for that, I ask for your forgiveness. I have to no excuses to offer, only the truth. Not for abandoning you, nor for how she had turned the village agaisnt you…". She even offered a reward for … 'avenging your death at the hands of Kyuubi monster…'".

Naruto simply stood there, frozen in one place and unable to do anything but think about it. His own mother, not only had she abandoned him, but she went as far as to persuade the entirety of his Village to start hunting him down. She even offered to pay money for it, for killing her very own blood and son. It now explained to Naruto why the entirety of Konoha had not just hated him, but also hurt him so much, why there were the beatings, fox hunts and more… Now it made sense to him, and it only made Naruto hate his mother even more than before.

Kurama saw how her favorite blond was starting to slip into more of anger again, her eyes looking at him with great sadness and sympathy, before she spoke up. I remember that little meeting well, but how did you know about it? However, I want you to forget about it, to let it go. How can you ask of me to do such a thing, Dad?! She, Konoha, all of my friends… You saw how badly they treated me, how they just spit on me and hurt me and you want me to let it all go?!

Believe me, Naruto, I know how it feels like, because I had went through it myself when I was your age, when I found who my parents really were. I only learned the truth when I was your age from Jiraiya and I was furious, angrier than I had ever been. I had tracked her down and confronted her about it, but in my rage and anger I did not even realize that in my obsessive pursuit for answers, I had cost my teammates, my best friends, their lives on the mission.It was a sunny day in Konoha, one of the strongest hidden villages of the Elemental countries.

However we can't say the same thing about Uzumaki Naruto, who was in a dark and musty cell. He was there since he and his team brought back Uchiha Sasuke, because Sasuke wanted to go to Orochimaru to get the power to kill his brother Uchiha Itachi. Naruto caught up to Sasuke at the Valley of the End, where they fought and Naruto won. After Naruto won he carried him back to the village where the Yondaime Hokage, Namikaze Minato, his father waited. His parents never really liked Naruto because he wasn't the prodigy he or his brother or sister were.

Yes Naruto has a brother and a sister who are one year older than him. They are geniuses in taijutsu, ninjutsu, kenjutsu and fuinjutsu. Besides Naruto's sister, Kasumi, can use their mother's chakra chains, Naruto's brother, Arashi, can use the Hiraishin no jutsu.

Both of them were jonin when they were 12 years old. That's why everybody ignored Naruto and nobody wanted to do anything with him. He trained everyday, tried to be better than his siblings but his sensei didn't help him either. His sensei, Hatake Kakashi rather trained Sasuke because he was a prodigy like himself. But the real reason he trained him more because he wanted him to be stronger than himself, because Kakashi thought Obito, his teammate, died because he wasn't strong enough to protect Obito and Rin, his other teammate.

Naruto tried everything to be trained by his parents, and as last resort he started to do pranks all over the village at least somebody notices him. His plane backfired because his parents and the village hated him more because of pranks. After he learned the kagebunshin no jutsu, stopped Mizuki and learned why was hated by the village, he thought his parents would praise him.

Instead they said he was reckless and his siblings wouldn't do something like this. At this point Naruto was desperate, but the Hokage gave him a headband. Naruto didn't know why, maybe out of pity or because he defeated a traitor, but somehow he didn't care about it, he even forgot he ask about the kyuubi. After that he and his teammates, Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura started their missions as team 7, after they passad Kakashi genin test. Their first real mission was when they travelled to Wave country where they had to face Momochi Zabuza and his partner, Haku.

The fought on the bridge, which their client Tazuna builded in order to revive his country. Naruto used the kyuubi's chakra for the first time to defeat Haku while Kakashi defeated Zabuza and before he could finish him Haku jumped between them and Kakashi killed him instead of Zabuza. After that Gato appeared with his mercenaries to kill everyone, but Zabuza killed him and before the mercenaries could attack them the village's people came and persecuted them.

After Naruto and his team buried Zabuza and Haku and finished the bridge they returned to the village.Believed to be dead, until seven years later, when a new figure will rise up and shake the shinobi world. A lone figure was walking down the road in Fire Country. He was wearing a battered orange jumpsuit that was torn all over the place. His blond hair was soaked wet from the pouring rain. But his eyes were hollow and empty. The twelve year old genin name was Uzumaki Naruto, and he was now a Ronin.

A shinobi without a home, without a village without a dream. It all started when the retrieval team failed their mission. Kakashi had carried Naruto to the hospital.

You're pretty low on chakra, and your injuries are being look after by Tsunade-sama. Kakashi hung his head and remain silent.

But his silence was all Naruto needed to know to confirm he failed to stop his friend. Naruto didn't spend long in the hospital, apparently the Village Council of Elders and the Village Councilors wanted to see him. The ANBU came and escorted him. Kakashi walked with him and eyed the ANBU suspiciously. You're the reason why he left. I wish you had died, you don't deserve to live. I hope the Council orders you to be exected for being what you are, a monster! Sakura said nothing but gave a humph and storms off.

Things got worse when Naruto enter the council chambers. Naruto did not like the councilors. They were mostly civilians who were fat and spent most of their time and money making his life miserable. Worst, they were in the Villager Shinobi Elder's pocket.

He should have foreseen this. The Village Council must have given the Elder's a lot of money to set this all up. It was the perfect excuse. Specifically you using that foil monsters chakra. He knew however, it was fallen on death ears. That's why he's under apprenticeship with Jiraiya. He doesn't even have his father's talent. He's also proving to be a problem more than a liability.

It's true he can draw out the beast's chakra, but he cannot control. As Hokage you must think what's best for the village and not your own selfish desires. The question I have, what happens if he loses control in the middle of the village?

There is the matter of Akatsuki. According to Jiraiya, they are made up of ten S-Class criminals. And Orochimaru use to be one of them and he killed the Sandaime Hokage.

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